Outdoor Adventure's Paintball

GeneralPaintball is fast becoming America's new ADULT outdoor adventure game. The game is capture-the flag with a difference. Each player carries a semi-automatic paint gun that shoots dye-filled paintballs. To win, you must avoid your opponent's paint while stealing their flag and return it to your base. It's a game of strategy, daring and great fun! Games are usually very simple with flags playing an integral role in most. A typical game is double flag grab where teams start at opposite ends of a field and have a set time to try and retrieve the opposition teams flag. Tagging players on your way to securing a flag is just a means to an end. Strategy, stealth and teamwork are your most valuable tools.Paintball is a fun filled adrenalin charged day of laughs and excitement for anyone. Paintball could be linked to such games as tag, cops-and-robbers, hide-and-seek and even chess. Players use intelligence, cunning and determination to succeed rather than physical strength.

​​Private or club events welcome!
· Bachelor Parties
· Boy & Girl Scouts
​· Golf Leagues
· High School Events
· Family Reunions

Company OutingsRules & Regulations
· All guns will be set under 280 ft. per sec.
· Pets are not allowed.
· Long pants must be worn.
· Players age 10-17 must have written permission and waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.
​· Anyone arriving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, or found under the influence or consuming the same prior to or during a game, will be kicked out without refund. We are serious about this! Paintball & these substances don't mix

​!Helpful Hints· Wear dark clothing or camouflage.· Shoes that provide good ankle support.· Bring food and beverages; you may use our grill to barbecue.· DO NOT wear or carry valuables while playing paintball.· Bring good attitude and a smiling disposition.


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